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Hand and Microsurgery Medical Office in Houston, TX

Healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators, understand that maximizing patient satisfaction is a fundamental goal of our health system. Healthcare organizations aim for their patients to be satisfied with their healthcare and results and their experiences’ non-clinical aspects. Specialist healthcare providers, such as our hand and microsurgery medical office in Houston, TX, want patients to feel they are being treated with respect and that our medical staff is making every safe and medically-approved effort to heal them.

For these reasons, we seek to understand our patients’ perspectives through our patient satisfaction survey. There is undeniable value in patient satisfaction survey results in showing us how our patients evaluate their care quality at our hand and microsurgery medical office. By providing us with insight into our patients’ perceptions, our patient satisfaction surveys will inform our efforts to build meaningful patient/clinician relationships, establish effective communication, and develop care pathways that are grounded in empathy and compassion.

Please complete the brief form below concerning your experience as a patient in our office to help us in our efforts. It is our goal to satisfy the needs and expectations of all of our patients. Your comments, including constructive and candid criticisms, are valued.



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Practice Focus

Upper extremity surgery in all age groups affecting the hand, wrist, elbow such as:

Injury related problems:

Birth Deformities:

  • Syndactyly
  • Reduplicated digits

Inflammatory Conditions: