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We’ll Help You Prepare for Your Microsurgery in Houston, TX

After you experience hand or wrist injuries, you can improve, maintain, or restore fine motor skills with treatment from the professionals at Hand & Microsurgery Associates. Our microsurgery in Houston, TX, ensures you receive the finest care and the utmost consideration for your health. Our hand surgeon understands how critical it is to retain as much function and range of motion as possible in your wrists and hands. Call now to book your consultation.

When You Arrive

All patients (and guarantors if the patient is a minor) must present for verification at the time of appointment:

  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance Card
  • Social Security Number

It’s helpful if prior test results such as EMGs, pertinent lab studies, and diagnostics are made available before your appointment. Imaging studies like X-rays, MRIs, and scans are also helpful. Bringing them to the appointment with you can save on additional fees.

Preparing For Your Microsurgery Appointment

You will need two pieces of information before proceeding to the forms:

  • Insurance Card
  • Social Security Number

You can schedule an appointment online or call the office at (713) 622-8382.

Please complete the patient registration forms after reading the sections below. They are available on the right as .pdf documents.

Submitting Your Forms

You have two options to submit the forms:

  • Download, fill out, print, and bring them to your appointment
  • Download, fill out, save as a .pdf, and email them to us at

Please do not date or sign the forms until you are at the appointment.

We prefer forms to be prepared before your appointment to reduce wait times. However, you can fill out the paperwork when you arrive if you’re not able to provide it ahead of time.

Patients Returning After Six Months

If your appointment was more than six months ago or in the last calendar year, we ask that you complete the forms again in case of any changes in medical status.

Approved Work Injuries

Any patients with approved work injuries also need to complete the required “Work Comp” forms in addition to the standard paperwork.

Patient Registration Forms:
...please read info to the left before proceeding.....
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Practice Focus

Upper extremity surgery in all age groups affecting the hand, wrist, elbow such as:

Injury related problems:

Birth Deformities:

  • Syndactyly
  • Reduplicated digits

Inflammatory Conditions: